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Capital Investment

Investing capital is a sum of money set aside to be managed by an individual or third party to yield a dividend in the future. This may be in preparation for retirement, education trust fund or staying ahead of inflation.

Our investment strategies are designed based on the goals of our clients. The timeframes we usually work with are, medium to long- term goals, but can provide advice for any personalised timeframe. Does my investment knowledge affect my success? No. On the contrary, our team of experts have the knowledge to guide you through deciding which investment strategy to take so you don’t have to.

We don’t arbitrarily recommend certain investment options. Our clients’ goals allow us to recommend particular investments and strategies to suit them. Our experience with helping clients meet their objectives means we're perfectly placed to recommend the best investment options for you.

All discussions in our initial conversation are complimentary.

Our minimum capital investment starts at USD $10,000. The amount you invest will depend on your own situation and can be discussed with our advisers, as we are focused on giving you a customised investment experience.

All investment plans we offer in the British Virgin Islands are fully portable wherever you may move to.

We accept deposits in US Dollar (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP) and Euro (EUR).

Our investment plans are subject to subsequent reassessments throughout your journey. We are ready to assist you on your investment journey and that involves guiding you if you want or need to make any changes to your plans.

Education Planning

We believe the right approach is to start as soon as possible. We are ready to help you take that first step and give your children the future they deserve.

At IFP, we make assessments of your objectives and how your savings plan can meet them within the stipulated time. This support is part of our ongoing service to make sure you succeed with your savings plan.

Our team of experts handles the business end of things. All you have to do is focus on family – we'll handle the financial matters.

No, our initial meeting is complimentary.

Our minimum education fees savings plans start from USD $300 pm, but the level of investment required to meet your goals will vary depending on the education requirements

You can take your education fees savings plan with you anywhere in the world. Temporary or permanent relocation does not pose a problem for your funds' accessibility or operation.

Our recommended plans accept US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR) and Pound Sterling (GBP).

Yes, you will receive regular updates, and we also make periodic recommendations if we feel that there is a better or stronger option available to you. You will also have online access.

Retirement Planning

Whether you would like to retire early or at the statutory retirement age, IFP will partner with you to establish your financial status, future plans, and other elements that may affect your retirement. With this knowledge, we can come up with a plan that gives you a better idea of when to retire. However, how much you contribute every month will greatly impact this.

To assist you with your retirement plan in the British Virgin Islands, we’ll want to know about your plans for the future, including your retirement aspirations. We’ll then analyse your risk profile so we can provide you with the best choices going forward.

No, not at all. Our expert team focuses on creating retirement plans that incorporate customised financial strategies. Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of investing and financial markets so we take the burden off your shoulders.

No. We provide a complimentary financial assessment so you can decide if our services are well-suited to you with no risk or obligation.

All investments come with a level of risk, and that includes investing for retirement. However, after appraising your appetite for risk, we can customise your retirement plan to match the degree of risk you are comfortable to take. How much do I need to start? Our clients approach us with different financial situations, however, the suggested regular contribution usually depends on the situation of each client. Our lowest monthly contribution is USD $300 per month.

Our retirement plans are designed for both BVI locals and ex-pats. They are 100% portable, so if you decide to leave the British Virgin Islands, they can go with you.

You can invest in USD,GBP & EUR.

This completely depends on your plans in your retirement, We’ll help identify your everyday living expenses, as well as any extra funds you’ll need to meet your retirement goals.

When getting close to retirement, there’s a likelihood that you’ll want to accept a lower-risk with your investments to preserve the funds you’ve saved up. Our BVI retirement planning service entails us helping to review your retirement plans and as it gets closer to retirement these changes can be made if applicable.

Your post-retirement investment choices will depend on your personal situation. There are several options available for when you retire and after retirement which allows you to collect all your accrued savings in a lump sum or we can assist in reinvesting and receiving an income. We usually suggest a lower-risk investment strategy post-retirement, but this depends on you. We’ll go over these options with you during an IFP retirement plan review.

When considering the future, especially as it concerns your money, you might be weighing up the option of investing long-term to boost your bequest. You may have to make a will or create a trust for better control of your money. In keeping with your retirement plan, our experts can guide you through the decision-making process.

Savings plans

Our offshore savings plans are flexible to fit the circumstances of our clients. We choose the savings plans by considering the goals and situations of our clients. Our goal at IFP is to create flexible savings plans that make it easy for our clients to save, regardless of their circumstances.

we recommend savings plans based on your situation and the term that suits you, you would choose the timeframe that is suitable for your financial goals and objectives.

No. At IFP, our experts have all the knowledge required and are up to date with latest developments in the financial markets. They simplify the savings process for you, so that you can focus on saving towards a better future.

In order to build trust and solidify your confidence in us, we grant you a complementary initial meeting with our experts. We believe that after speaking with us, you'll be more confident about doing business with us.

Our savings plans in the British Virgin Islands begin at a monthly contribution of USD $300. But everybody's saving goals differ, so we customise savings plans to fit into your needs and circumstances as an individual.

Because our savings plans are portable, you can take it with you and continue regardless of where you are in the world.

Our plans accept USD, GBP and EUR.

We are part of your savings journey, and we will regularly review its performance to ensure it's working hard for you. Whenever the need arises we are on hand to make any necessary adjustments

Review My Portfolio

The goal is for you to enjoy a steady growth on your investment. We constantly review the performance of your portfolio. Although financial markets can fluctuate, with your portfolio and money in the right hands, your financial future is in safe hands.

This depends on a number of factors. In other words, we can only determine the sectors and asset allocation for you after carefully considering your investment objective, timeframe and risk profile.

The best part about becoming an investor with IFP is that you do not need any knowledge of the financial markets. Our Expert advisers have years of experience and updated knowledge of the financial markets, we will guide you through the investment process.

Your initial meeting with us is complementary. We want you to be comfortable with us handling your money and navigating you through the investment world.

We offer diverse investment options at IFP the lowest amount considered for capital investment is USD $10,000.

Not at all. Regardless of where you are in the world, our investment plans are portable, allowing you to travel the world with it.

To ensure that your portfolio is as strong as possible, we review it and make and recommendations for adjustments when necessary.