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Growing your Savings in the British Virgin Islands

Savings plans are the ideal way to defend yourself against an uncertain future.

Savings Plans

Growing your Savings

Savings plans are the ideal way to defend yourself against an uncertain future. You're new to the savings world or are looking to acquire another savings plan, IFP has you covered. We offer a range of offshore savings plans for residents.

Savings plans and their challenges

Starting a savings plan is a shrewd way to safeguard your financial future. Here are some of our clients' most-asked questions on savings:

How much money should you save?

Savings plans are usually motivated by something. For example, some people save towards getting a new house, car, or their retirement. Whatever your reason is, it should be reflected in the amount you save. We can help you devise a comprehensive savings plan that helps you fulfil it.

What are our savings plan options?

When it comes to savings plans, we offer options from the world's best offshore investment providers. Most importantly, you can travel around the world with these savings plans as they are portable should you leave the Islands.

Can I adjust my plan to fit my circumstances?

Your circumstances can change over time. The good news is that our savings plans are flexible, and allow you to keep saving, as they can adjust to fit your circumstances.

How we handle savings plans

We understand the benefits that come with saving and have reflected that in our savings plan process. Here's what our savings plan process looks like.

Learning about you

Your story determines your savings plan, and we customise our savings plan to suit the situation of our clients. Therefore, your finances, financial and savings goals and priorities all determine the best savings plan for you. After a thorough assessment of your personal information and risk profile, we will confidently suggest the right savings plans for you.

The right plan for you

Having learned your financial goals, we'll present you with the most suitable savings options tailored to suit your needs. We will give our best options for savings plans.

Start saving

If you hate paperwork, don't worry – this is not something you will have to get much involved with. We handle all the necessary paperwork and procedures for you. Once processed, you can start saving. Our experts take on most of the work for you.

Ongoing reviews

To help you maximise your savings plan and ensure it always benefits you, we constantly review your circumstances to see how it can impact your savings plan. The constant review makes it easy for you to adjust your savings to fit your circumstances.

"A Well known author Warren Buffett once said"
Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.

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Our offshore savings plans are flexible to fit the circumstances of our clients. We choose the savings plans by considering the goals and situations of our clients. Our goal at IFP is to create flexible savings plans that make it easy for our clients to save, regardless of their circumstances.

we recommend savings plans based on your situation and the term that suits you, you would choose the timeframe that is suitable for your financial goals and objectives.

No. At IFP, our experts have all the knowledge required and are up to date with latest developments in the financial markets. They simplify the savings process for you, so that you can focus on saving towards a better future.

In order to build trust and solidify your confidence in us, we grant you a complementary initial meeting with our experts. We believe that after speaking with us, you'll be more confident about doing business with us.

Our savings plans in the British Virgin Islands begin at a monthly contribution of USD $300. But everybody's saving goals differ, so we customise savings plans to fit into your needs and circumstances as an individual.

Because our savings plans are portable, you can take it with you and continue regardless of where you are in the world.

Our plans accept USD, GBP and EUR.

We are part of your savings journey, and we will regularly review its performance to ensure it's working hard for you. Whenever the need arises we are on hand to make any necessary adjustments