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Reliable Retirement Planning Specialists in the British Virgin Islands

Planning your retirement can be exciting, even though the future can seem uncertain.

Retirement Planning

Reliable Retirement Planning Specialists

Planning your retirement can be exciting, even though the future can seem uncertain. But with a proper retirement plan, you can face the future with confidence and optimism. IFP provides customised retirement plans created to match your current financial status and future goals, so you can enjoy your retirement with peace of mind.

Typical retirement challenges our clients go through

If you’re planning for retirement or elsewhere, you might be faced with some challenges, more so if you’re eager to take full advantage of your new-found freedom by travelling the world. Here are some of the usual questions we get from our clients:

How much income will I need?

The ideal retirement income is one that makes a provision for meeting your yearly expenses for 25 years or more. At IFP, we’ll take into account some assumptions based on your projected lifestyle and other considerations before giving you a clear view of your financial future.

How much retirement fund will I need?

Considering the income from above and other planned one-off expenses along with inflation between the present time and your life expectancy, then decide if you want to leave a legacy or not, our experts will then use their experience and skills to give you an educated estimate of your required fund size.

How much do I need to save or invest to meet my retirement target?

We will compare your required income and retirement fund as well as your current financial circumstances. If these costs are not covered by your savings and existing pension, we can calculate the difference and design a plan that’s affordable to you to help bridge the gap.

Our retirement planning process

There are five steps involved in our retirement planning process:

Get more information about you

To assist you in planning for a secure and comfortable retirement, we need an in-depth knowledge of your current circumstances and your future plans. We’ll need information about your retirement goals and any other concerns or questions you may have.

Crunch the numbers

An analysis of your financial situation and calculation of any gaps will be carried out. We’ll consider your affordability and risk profile before coming up with the best options for you.

Produce your retirement plan

We’ll recommend a tailored retirement strategy and design a personal retirement plan for you. This can includes specifics on ways to improve your financial lifestyle while you save, and the best ways to manage your money while working.

Effect your retirement plan

Once you’re satisfied with your retirement plan, we’ll set it in motion right away, so you can rest assured there’s a well-structured plan in place to take care of you when you eventually retire.

Continuous reviews

Once your plan is active, we’ll carry out regular reviews in line with your personal circumstances to ensure your plan is effective. If there are any recommendations or advice that we feel will be of benefit to you, our specialists at IFP will give them, to ensure they are in line with your long-term goals.

"A Well known author Jean Chatzky once said"
Knowing where you stand in your quest to accumulate enough money for retirement is an incredibly important part of the planning process.

Backed by years of experience delivering plain, simple advice and guidance, we provide clear-cut tailored financial guidance that will help you reach your personal retirement targets. We’re regarded as a leading company in the industry thanks to our track record and focus on assisting clients with their retirement planning requirements.

To request a complimentary retirement planning assessment and find out how you can save for the future through our service, please get in touch with IFP today

Build a better tomorrow today! To receive a complimentary retirement planning assessment and find out how our service can benefit you, get in touch with IFP today.

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Whether you would like to retire early or at the statutory retirement age, IFP will partner with you to establish your financial status, future plans, and other elements that may affect your retirement. With this knowledge, we can come up with a plan that gives you a better idea of when to retire. However, how much you contribute every month will greatly impact this.

To assist you with your retirement plan in the British Virgin Islands, we’ll want to know about your plans for the future, including your retirement aspirations. We’ll then analyse your risk profile so we can provide you with the best choices going forward.

No, not at all. Our expert team focuses on creating retirement plans that incorporate customised financial strategies. Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of investing and financial markets so we take the burden off your shoulders.

No. We provide a complimentary financial assessment so you can decide if our services are well-suited to you with no risk or obligation.

All investments come with a level of risk, and that includes investing for retirement. However, after appraising your appetite for risk, we can customise your retirement plan to match the degree of risk you are comfortable to take. How much do I need to start? Our clients approach us with different financial situations, however, the suggested regular contribution usually depends on the situation of each client. Our lowest monthly contribution is USD $300 per month.

Our retirement plans are designed for both BVI locals and ex-pats. They are 100% portable, so if you decide to leave the British Virgin Islands, they can go with you.

You can invest in USD,GBP & EUR.

This completely depends on your plans in your retirement, We’ll help identify your everyday living expenses, as well as any extra funds you’ll need to meet your retirement goals.

When getting close to retirement, there’s a likelihood that you’ll want to accept a lower-risk with your investments to preserve the funds you’ve saved up. Our BVI retirement planning service entails us helping to review your retirement plans and as it gets closer to retirement these changes can be made if applicable.

Your post-retirement investment choices will depend on your personal situation. There are several options available for when you retire and after retirement which allows you to collect all your accrued savings in a lump sum or we can assist in reinvesting and receiving an income. We usually suggest a lower-risk investment strategy post-retirement, but this depends on you. We’ll go over these options with you during an IFP retirement plan review.

When considering the future, especially as it concerns your money, you might be weighing up the option of investing long-term to boost your bequest. You may have to make a will or create a trust for better control of your money. In keeping with your retirement plan, our experts can guide you through the decision-making process.