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Portfolio review services in the British Virgin Islands

What do investments, portfolio reviews, and they all have in common? The answer is IFP.

Review My Portfolio

Portfolio review services

What do investments, portfolio reviews, and they all have in common? The answer is IFP. We are financial experts who will make every spare cent you earn work hard for you. With our portfolio review service, we will conduct a thorough review of your existing portfolio and provide you with insightful guidance from our experts as to what improvements could be made if any.

Portfolio challenges that confront our clients

For most clients, one major problem with investing for the future is that it becomes difficult to tell if the investment is working or not. Here are some of the questions asked by clients concerning investment and portfolio review:

Does IFP have the ability to determine the performance of my portfolio?

At IFP, we employ only the best in the financial field. Our team have knowledge and experience in how financial markets work. They can assess your portfolio and offer genuine opinions on how it is working for you by assessing the sectors and assets you have invested in to see if they benefit you or not.

I now longer have an adviser in The British Virgin Islands, will IFP take over my portfolio?

We can take over your portfolio, but it depends on the circumstances. Regardless, our experts can suggest solutions and various options for you.

What is the best sector to invest in?

The idea of the best or right sector to invest in varies greatly from one person to another and differs all the time as markets change. There are however certain sectors that seem to consistently underperform. That is why at IFP, we start with assessing your risk tolerance and future goals before devising an investment strategy we feel would suit you best.

Here's how we handle portfolio reviews

An expert adviser will review your portfolio with great detail so that they can offer credible and effective solutions to aid your financial planning. Here is our five-step approach to reviewing your portfolio:

Thorough assessment

Assessments are crucial because they help us make an informed decision on the best approach for you. We'll find out the necessary information about you that tells us your risk tolerance level, your timeframe, finances and financial goals.

Our opinion

After getting useful information about you, we give you our honest and unbiased opinions about your current investment strategy and portfolio.


Then, if you would like us to assist with your portfolio planning going forwards, if it’s possible we will look to take it over. Otherwise we will provide other recommendations and solutions for you to meet your goals.

Putting the plan into practice

After getting our recommendations, we can help you execute it, ensuring that you are on the right track every step of the way.

Portfolio reviews

After following through with our recommendations, we will constantly review your portfolio and your circumstances to check both still align and recommended changes if required.

"A Well known author Brian Tracy once said"
Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Get a little bit better every single day.

Our team of expert advisers constantly update their knowledge of the financial markets. They have garnered years of experience in the field. Our team ensure you get the best your money has to offer regardless of your finances, financial goals or circumstances.

We are passionate about delivering the best solutions for investing. Hence, we offer unique advice to our clients based on their portfolio and circumstances. We also devise excellent investment plans to help you grow your wealth regardless of your circumstances.

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The goal is for you to enjoy a steady growth on your investment. We constantly review the performance of your portfolio. Although financial markets can fluctuate, with your portfolio and money in the right hands, your financial future is in safe hands.

This depends on a number of factors. In other words, we can only determine the sectors and asset allocation for you after carefully considering your investment objective, timeframe and risk profile.

The best part about becoming an investor with IFP is that you do not need any knowledge of the financial markets. Our Expert advisers have years of experience and updated knowledge of the financial markets, we will guide you through the investment process.

Your initial meeting with us is complementary. We want you to be comfortable with us handling your money and navigating you through the investment world.

We offer diverse investment options at IFP the lowest amount considered for capital investment is USD $10,000.

Not at all. Regardless of where you are in the world, our investment plans are portable, allowing you to travel the world with it.

To ensure that your portfolio is as strong as possible, we review it and make and recommendations for adjustments when necessary.